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Five that JIVE - DaniLeigh

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Must Spin Tracks: Easy, The Plan, Lil Bebe, Cravin'


Most of the world was first introduced to DaniLeigh when her rendition of the #InMyFeelingsChallenge went viral. The 48 second clip was all it took to recognize her star potential and spark a nationwide safety hazard - leading to her own PSA.

She gained over 200,000 Instagram followers the day she posted the video.

I know what you're thinking, but this isn't that. Dani wasn't a social media influencer plucked from Instagram and molded by some record label to produce radio-ready records. Her hit debut single, Lil Bebe was ready for release by the time she jumped out of a moving vehicle.

Dani had already put her time in. She had been in the music industry for years - appearing in music videos and touring as a backup dancer for artists like Daddy Yankee, Jeremih, Meghan Trainor, Prince, Pharrell and Missy Elliot prior to launching her solo career. She created her own opportunity by leveraging one skill-set to compliment another while using social media in organic fashion. The rest is now history as DaniLeigh is well on her way to filling a void in music that hasn't been fulfilled since Aaliyah.

“The Plan is taking care of my family, being an inspiration to people in this world, being a light, and just, being loved correctly. Just working and being motivational." - DaniLeigh on the meaning behind the name of her debut album, The Plan (Hot 97 interview, November 2018)

Dani understands how important it is to keep the factory lights on. Just as her single, Easy with Chris Brown broke the Billboard Top 100 Chart, she released her newest single, Cravin' featuring G-Eazy. It's not up to us, but it too belongs on the charts.

Give it a spin and catch more DaniLeigh's music videos on Batch1453's Five that Jive YouTube playlist.

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