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Five that JIVE - Jacob Banks

Must Spin Tracks: Slow Down, Chainsmoking, Unknown, Grace, Every Age

Jacob Banks is an artist you and your parents can share. Nigerian-born singer-songwriter has a voice that makes the hair on your neck remind you they're there. His music feels timeless, somehow trapped in a different era.

His soulful baritone generously guides you through each song like a narrator of a classic novel. Slow Up, a track off his major label debut album, Village brings a perspective of life that makes you want to call your parents.

Banks has continued to build on a sturdy foundation which its first brick had been laid 8 years ago. After years of independently released EPs and touring for fans in America and Europe, Village seemed to bring it all together. Having spent time living in Birmingham, Alabama before relocating across the pond to London, Banks acknowledges it takes a village - and he's spent time with multiple tribes.

“I guess, the point of the song is love is expensive. It'll cost you time, hell, sometimes your sanity. But it's all we have, and it's all we have to stand by, and it's the only thing that keeps us going." - Jacob Banks on his song 'Chainsmoking' (NPR interview, November 2018)

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