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Five that JIVE - Sabrina Claudio

Must Spin Tracks: Confidently Lost, Orion's Belt, Too Much Too Late, Holding the Gun

Sabrina Claudio makes the type of music that makes you believe in soulmates. She's been providing soothing vocals perfect for Sundays since her 2017 independently released EP Confidently Lost.

She's not new to popping up on radars throughout the music industry. In 2017 Claudio was named Apple Music's Next Up artist, a series that focuses on breakthrough artists by documenting their journey, inspiration, and influences through exclusive interviews, live performances and a mini-documentary.

Her voice carries experiences well beyond her years. At just 23 years old, Sabrina's maturity flows through her vocals and her aura floats across the stage. With much credit being had to her salsa and merengue influences, Sabrina exudes genuine confidence.

With 3 projects now under her belt, Sabrina doesn't seem to be slowing down as she recently released her newest EP, "Truth Is" - The Short Collection. She also finished up 40 dates on the road, where she promoted the new EP on her Truth Is Tour. Fans aren't the only ones creating a demand, her peers also admire her sound. Recent collaborations include 6lack, SiR, Gallant, Khalid, and A$AP Rocky.

“Women should embrace who we are as individuals. You can embrace yourself by enhancing yourself if that is what you want to do. Or you can embrace yourself by being natural. Just to love yourself, no matter what. And, do not let any insecurities get you to a place where you feel like you need to change something." - Sabrina Claudio (Billboard interview, October 2017)

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