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Allen Stone Live

Must Play Tracks - Miscommunicate, Brown Eyed Lover, Consider Me, American Privilege, Sweaters

The reemergence of Soul has been a welcomed revival. I've personally been gravitating to emerging artists in this genre simply because it's become one of the deepest rosters throughout the music industry. With such a heavy financial reliance on tour revenue, an artist's ability to perform is crucial to their success. The talent we're seeing displayed on stage reflects how much we prioritize the live music experience.

Allen Stone brings a true sense of comfort with his music. His latest album, Building Balance feels like an invite to a community BBQ, which turns out to be the Building Balance Tour. What's most impressive is Allen's ability to bring people together.

What may be the last concert I attend for months, I can't think of a better atmosphere to prepare the city for physical social distancing. Together we spent a night listening to music that was created to make you feel something. And that something was different for everyone in the audience. Stone curated a tour that not only amplified his own career, but introduced Columbus to Samm Henshaw and Andy Suzuki & the Method.

Allen Stone performing on March 10, 2020 at Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
For Batch 1453 by @wenxinyang

It's been a decade long process to be in a position to build such balance.

Stone's first release, Last to Speak (2010, self-release) was quickly followed up by the self-titled Allen Stone in 2011, released by ATO Records. Years later, I was introduced to Stone's self-titled project when the song Unaware played on a Spotify playlist. I remember appreciating how the song separated itself from the rest of the tracks on the playlist. It was like nothing I'd heard at the time. To this day, Unaware remains one of the most popular songs on Stone's Spotify profile, for good reason. The live performance music video, which was shot in his mother's living room has nearly 12 million views on YouTube and is the foundation of Allen's appeal. He introduced himself to the world as a relatable talent who prioritizes the quality of his music over everything else.

Unaware has since been a launch pad for Stone's entire catalog which now includes 4 albums and several features on other artist' projects.

For Batch 1453 by @wenxinyang

Watching Allen perform live, you can see the amount of time and energy he's put into his career. As an artist on the verge of breaking through that imaginary barrier of stardom, it's fair to assume potential wrinkles that need to be ironed-out. But this is the benefit of a slow build, the time spent flying under the radar affords practice, experimentation, and organic synergy on stage. For most, performing is the final piece of an artist's repertoire. Throughout the past decade, appearances and performances on talk shows prepared Stone for headline tours.

Stone has polished his craft and is providing advice and opportunity to the artists he brings on tour. While speaking with Samm Henshaw before their show, Samm spoke highly of Allen. Throughout the Building Balance Tour, Allen provided a blueprint for preparing yourself and your voice through the duration of a tour. It's clear how much knowledge and guidance Stone is willing to offer his peers while sharing an audience to introduce themselves.

Although Columbus was one of the last cities to experience the Building Balance Tour, we hope the remaining cities are afforded the opportunity to see Allen Stone, Samm Henshaw, and Andy & The Method perform.

It was honestly one of the most empowering concerts we've been to. One that is an open invite to anyone who wants to feel something, move someway, or simply be who you are.

We encourage you to explore Allen's catalog and watch his latest music videos below:


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