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J. Cole / PUMA - The Dreamer Film

J Cole in The Dreamer

Over the course of his career, J. Cole has been patient to tell his full truth. One of the reasons artists are so celebrated, is because we see glimpses of ourselves in them. The great ones stick around because we remain curious of their story. They slowly offer single pieces of the puzzle through their art, interviews, and now, social media.

Jermaine also understands NOT to prioritize social media as a way to tell his story - it leaves too much room for interpretation.

Storytelling is the oldest form of entertainment. The delivery must be strategic.

Perfected, stories have the potential to live forever - much longer than the 24 hour shelf life on Instagram. If you can tap into the audience's emotion and teach a lesson, there's value to what you're willing to offer up from your personal experience.

To announce his new partnership with PUMA, Cole gives us a glimpse of his childhood that mirrors many, including mine. The DREAMER film allows us to see the impact basketball had on J. Cole throughout his life. Hoops is a universal language. There's an element of individuality that beautifully fits within such a team sport. At some point, we've all been told to get off the court. But it is momentary. You must have the mindset to go back.

“Our partnership with Cole is deep-rooted," said Adam Petrick, PUMA's global director of brand and marketing. “Cole’s involved in product creation, marketing campaigns and cultural guidance. He is going to be a key player in many of the things we do at PUMA moving forward and we’re excited to work with him not only on a product level but even more importantly as one of our athletes. Cole sits at the intersection of music and sport and represents everything that PUMA stands for as a brand.” 

He may not have made it to the league, but he's teaching the world how to pave your own lane without worrying about the toes you may step on along the way. There's more than one way to get to where you want to go, but you must be willing to take the necessary steps in the right direction. Cole is now a PUMA ambassador, which shows PUMA's awareness and appreciation for authenticity.

The Sky Dreamer - PUMA

The misconception that you must "wait your turn", has prevented millions from ever even getting in line.

You're already next up... Go.


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