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Jessie Reyez - Far Away

Jessie Reyez in the music video for Far Away

We're always anticipating the visuals Jessie pairs with her music (see our favorite). The music video for her recent single, Far Away hit its mark while shining a new perspective on the current climate on immigration. She uses 2 minutes and 50 seconds to show how entire worlds are being turned upside down via ICE raids. Necessary time spent.

Hand on the Bible (Lord have mercy) I think you're the love of my life (Yeah) Maybe 'cause you hop on a flight to find me I feel like I need you tonight beside me (Yeah) You're still a world away And you're still waitin' for your papers Been feelin' like the government wants us to break up IPhone XXX, FaceTime saves us (Yeah)

Distance ain't shit because you and I both committed No fuck boys, no thirsty bitches could ever come between this (Lord have mercy) It's different, we trust each other We both been fucked by old lovers

Every human has a story that deserves to be heard. We all want to experience love while creating opportunities to live a happier life. Most of us use the same songs to propel that love, but not all of us have to dance in a closet.

Screen grab from the music video of Far Away

Why wouldn't you want to be a reason someone succeeds rather than being a contribution to their failure?

On her website, Jessie also suggests 3 causes to contribute to: ACLU , Al Orto Lado , & The Florence Project.


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