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Jhené Aiko's New Album "Chilombo" - Out Now

Must Spin Tracks - B.S., Mourning Doves, Lightning & Thunder, Tryna Smoke

We've been waiting on Chilombo since Jhené announced she would be incorporating crystal alchemy sound bowls within the production of every song on the album.

The sound bowls produce an extended vibrational hum, helping to open different chakras within the body. This experimental approach to music is another display of Jhené's evolution as an artist. Since her debut mixtape, Sailing Souls, you can hear Jhené's increased influence throughout the R&B genre. She's been able to maintain her reign on R&B through her soulful grace and honesty.

Aiko's music seems to bring a certain calm to the industry. A calm that is necessary and welcomed with open arms.

See Jhené on tour:


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