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Parker Louis on Colors x Studios - "Rise"

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Must Play Tracks: Only Fire, No Love Lately, Vibe, Waiting

In early January we sat down with Parker Louis to discuss upcoming music, touring with CAAMP, and his debut performance in Berlin, Germany for Colors x Studios which has over 4.3 million YouTube subscribers. Even with so much momentum, Parker carried himself with a sense of patience. Making you feel like his best is yet to come.

A light rain covered Downtown Columbus, the type of rain that signifies the first breaking point in regards to winter, for most in the Midwest. It was as if the temperature refused to choose which side of 32°F to be on, on purpose. Brighter days appeared close, but the date on the calendar told us different. Those brighter days are here, as is the international launch of Parker's career with his debut performance of unreleased single, Rise on YouTube via Colors x Studios.

This opportunity is certain to open many doors for Parker within the industry. Colors has reach in every country throughout the world. They also have a following of many music discovery enthusiasts who are anxious to dive deeper into the catalogs of artists that receive the Colors co-sign.

I'm confident these fans will enjoy what they'll hear from Parker's first two projects, All Good Things, Pt. One and All Good Things, Pt Two. Both EP's offer a baseline of what life is supposed to be, hope for the future because you're genuinely embracing the present. Louis is the type of artist you can play during any mood, and you'll come out the other side feeling lighter. Which during the current climate of uncertainty due to COVID-19, the timing couldn't be more important.

His laid back style of soul and R&B is timeless. It is music that's appreciated by older generations while appealing to a wider range of Millennials and Gen Z as we continue to gravitate toward art and self-exploration. Such is true when walking through the audience of his shows. Over the past year I've watched Parker perform at local bars, popular Columbus festivals, and in front of a sold out audience when he opened for CAAMP in December. One of CAAMP's 3 sold out hometown shows that welcomed 2020.

"Those guys are really blowing up. And they haven't changed a bit. They still shoutout their favorite artists. They're still super grounded and just a great example of how you want to navigate the industry. I'm always asking them questions and paying attention. It's an honor and a blessing to know those guys. We just have a good time." - Parker on relationship with CAAMP

Louis is setting himself up to be the next breakthrough artist to come out of Central Ohio. He's been cutting his teeth as a performer since etching his name in the Columbus music scene during 2012. His ability to equally entertain crowds of 20, 200, or 2000, each in a unique way, shows how ready Parker is for the next stage of his career. He's comfortable in each setting, but thrives in front of larger audiences. Which will continue to grow as his music reaches larger audiences.

It's been a consistent climb for Parker. Before recording as a solo artist, Louis was involved with numerous bands including Columbus staples Doc Robinson as well as the Forest & The Evergreens. When Forest & The Evergreens decided to take a hiatus, an opportunity for Parker to explore and create as a solo artist arose. He leaned on his band mates for their honest ears and synergy to complete the projects.

What they created continues to be something I look forward to others discovering.


These are the 3 words Parker uses to describe his music. See what else he had to say:

Hard to imagine how much has changed since this interview. With May upon us, the landscape of the music industry has evolved. Tours have been postponed, bars have been closed, and most of the industry is still attempting to regain its footing in response to COVID-19.

While most of the world is somewhat uncertain of what the near future may look like, Parker continues to focus on what's most important, all good things.

Discover more music by Parker on Spotify and follow his profile to be the first to hear Rise.

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