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Sammie Cimarelli from Netflix's "The Circle"

Music Q&A with your favorite cast member of The Circle on Netflix.

Photo: Netflix

The Circle has seen a steady climb of reality TV obsession since debuting January 1st on Netflix. Locked in separate apartments, contestants enter a modern-day popularity contest where digital relationships are formed via social media in order to win $100,000.

While we had our doubts, we certainly had enough questions to eventually press play. We're glad we did. Although there were many lessons to be learned, we now have a new appreciation for people, not just social media.

Halfway through episode 1, you'll find yourself absolutely drawn to Samantha (Sammie) Cimarelli. Her energy is felt throughout the show as more and more layers of her life are peeled back. She's the type of person you root for in real life because her level of understanding and authenticity is only seen in those who've been through some shit.

But we personally believe the best way to truly get to know someone is asking what type of music they listen to. It's safe to say Sammie has been invited to our music group chat. Be sure to check out Sammie's Batch 1453 playlist on Spotify.


If The Circle allowed you to bring 3 albums to the show, which albums would you have brought with you?

Sammie: If I were to bring 3 albums to the show, I would have brought While We Wait - Kehlani, Over it - Summer Walker and Souled Out - Jhene Aiko 


Hardest part of being on The Circle?

Sammie: The hardest part being on the circle, was not being able to talk to my family every day.


Who are some of your favorite artists at the moment?

Sammie: Kehlani, Summer Walker, SZA, Jhene Aiko


Are you listening to a new artist that may

still be considered under the radar? 

Sammie: Oh yes, Mariah The Scientist 


What do you look for in music?

How would you describe your musical taste?

Sammie: When it comes to music, I listen for substance. I need to actually feel something when I listen to music. I also listen for the actual lyrics, I need to be able to understand what is being said in the song. I would describe my music taste as the kind of music you listen to when you just want to lay down and relax, almost to meditate. 


Favorite song of 2019?

Sammie: I truly can not think of one favorite song!! I have so many!


What has to happen for you to search for an artist on social media after you’ve listened to their music?


Sammie: If I hear a lot of soul in a song, or if I hear really true and deep words, I immediately go look just to see what they look like and what kind of things they are into. I remember I hear a song from Doja Cat, like a 30 second clip and immediately I was like omg let me go see what she looks like, and she’s so dope on social media. 


What’s the best way for artists to use social media to

connect with their followers?

Sammie: I think a great thing to do for artists on social media is to constantly create and post. Stay active on social media and interact with as many individuals as possible. 


Who is your most famous follower?

Sammie: My most famous follower currently is Kehlani.


What is your biggest social media pet peeve?

Sammie: I can not stand when people post a concert or something they are at over and over and over. Like enjoy that shit, put your phone down.


If the cast of The Circle shared an Uber, who would be in

charge of the AUX cord? 

Sammie: That’s a tough question. I would honestly say me, because I feel like overall the music I would play would be liked by most of the players.


What’s one song that reminds you of high school?

What does that song remind you of? 

Sammie: Superbass by Nicki Minaj reminds me of driving around with my friends in the car in the summertime acting a foooool.


What can we expect in the near future from Sammie? 

Sammie: Lots and lots of videos on Youtube! (subscribe now to be notified when she releases new videos)


What are you trying to accomplish in 2020?

Sammie: In 2020, I WILL accomplish growing my Youtube platform and creating as many videos as possible.


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