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Soundtrack By Twitch - Most Important New Platform for Indie Artists

On September 20, 2020 Twitch announced a new music library platform available to all Twitch creators. A solution for streamers who faced penalties for playing licensed music during their live-streams in the past.

Soundtrack by Twitch (beta) launched October 19, 2020 (only available on Windows at the time of this writing). Download now.

Soundtrack provides a curated collection of rights-cleared music and integrates with streaming software to separate audio sources, ensuring creators won't be penalized for using unauthorized music during their live-streams.

One of our artists, Elijah Banks is currently featured on their Night Shift playlist.

This is a great opportunity for independent artists looking to connect to a wide audience via music discovery. We're excited to connect Elijah with the eSports community. If you'd like to collaborate on a stream, please contact us at

Would you be interested in exclusive content including how to get your music on Soundtrack by Twitch along with other music industry news, interviews, and tips? We will be offering early registration for artists and creatives looking to break into the music scene to enroll in our membership programs.

We'll be offering two paid membership options. Sign-Up below for pricing and to be notified once the community is live.


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