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Creative Retreats 001 - Vintage Airstream Treehouse at The Mohicans Wedding Venue & Treehouses.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Glenmont, Ohio

In a new series we'll be covering unique locations ideal for creative retreats. We'll be featuring getaways suitable for song writers, film makers, producers, and other creative minds who seek solitude - far from distractions.

We had the opportunity to preview the Silver Bullet, the newest treehouse at The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue. The 31-foot 1978 Airstream has been repurposed to join 7 other luxury treehouses that seamlessly occupy overhead throughout private wooded-acreage near Mohican State Park.

An hour and a half northwest of Columbus, OH, time seems to slow down as you pass through farmland and small midwest towns as you gradually lose bars of cell phone service. With driving instructions, "half-mile up the hill, turn right across from the green mailbox", you eventually find yourself surrounded by the calming soundtrack of nature.

From the time you pull your first bag from the vehicle, you sense the uniqueness of what you're about to experience. Seeing your hazy reflection from the aluminum as you approach the Airstream, it's as close as you can get to a time machine. Pulling the latch and swinging open the door, you enter what feels like a classical moment in time.

The 1978 Airstream features modern updates that add newfound luxury to a vintage experience. Equipped with recycled barn siding walls, black walnut floors, indoor and outdoor showers, a skylight and a sauna, you forget you're suspended 25 feet overhead.

Without wi-fi or cell service, you're back in a world of analog. Forms of entertainment include a record player, a handful of provided vinyl, and a TV/DVD player. Without the world at your fingertips, it's easier to volunteer your title of consumer to become a creator. The perfect opportunity to put pen to paper as you're forced to sit with your own thoughts and emotions.

There's undeniable solace that accompanies an environment stripped of the most modern technological advancements. You gradually lose the urge to check in on the rest of the world while realizing just how often you pick up your phone, simply out of habit. You appreciate the fundamental amenities that are typically taken for granted; plumbing, running water, electricity, heat, and a cold fridge.

Without being surrounded by today's innovation, the urge to be innovative increases. You get a more accurate sense of time, impulses subdue, and thoughts begin to form internally -- opening the door for creativity and storytelling.

I can't say enough about our experience staying in the Airstream Treehouse. It was an overnight detox that afforded us the opportunity to get back to the basics. Without so much noise or stimulus, you get a better glimpse of who you are and where your mind wanders.

The Airstream offers self-care luxury (huge shower & sauna) without losing the authenticity of such a timeless piece of American history. Imagine opening the latch to a golden sunrise as beams of light randomly occupy the space between the trees. You welcome a new day of life with much more appreciation after spending a night free to explore each and every thought that comes to mind.

Imagine what could be created with a small group of people retreating to isolated treehouses. Check out the other treehouses on the property and spend a few days with complete mindfulness, focus, and intention.

If we can't convince you, maybe Matthew McConaughey can...

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