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Pink Sweat$ - "17"

Just what we needed.

We've been anticipating new music from Pink Sweat$ since announcing him as our first 5 that JIVE artist. His new single, 17, was released overnight, simultaneously with the music video directed by Thrice Cooked Media (check out our Q&A with Dave Karp of Thrice Cooked).

The sound of a soft steady bass sets the pace of love growing old. Pink's smooth vocals remind us of the inevitable while bringing new excitement to the journey of spending the rest of your life with someone.

Thrice Cooked continue to bring Pink's pen to life. It's easy to get lost in the world they create in the music video as they're able to revolve around what's most important in life - who you spend it with. With seamless transitions of scenes depicting significant moments throughout a marriage, you're reminded that each chapter of love carries its own weight.

"I would need a million words
If I tried to define
All the things you mean to me
For you I'd die a thousand lives"

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