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Five that JIVE - Allan Rayman

Must Spin Tracks: Chief, Repeat, Word of Mouth, Tennessee, Rose

Hard to find another emerging artist who can match the presence of Allan Rayman. Since the first spin of his debut album, Hotel Allan, we've been keeping our eyes on the trajectory of Allan's growth as an artist. Not only does his vocal range and musical appeal cross multiple genres, he's not following today's blueprint for new emerging artists.

With such a unique talent, Rayman refuses to compromise his authenticity to promote (or oversell) himself to the masses. You won't find many interviews or explanations of his music. His online footprint is mysterious and intentional --- something to truly admire in an era in which the industry prioritizes and rewards social media influence.

Photo courtesy of India Jade Photography for Batch1453 (October 2018)

Having the opportunity to witness Rayman twice in Columbus, we can confirm he's using his time wisely. He's elaborate during the creative process of each dimension of his art. Constantly drawing inspiration from film, Allan's music videos introduce a fresh visual take on his records that doesn't mirror any other video you'll find on YouTube.

“It's not good for you. Go do it if you want, but nobody should fucking tour. Nobody should go be surrounded by people worshipping them. It's not good for the head or the ego." - Allan Rayman (Substream Magazine interview, June 2019)

Photo courtesy of India Jade Photography for Batch1453 (October 2018)

Allan is leading a new generation of artists who are unafraid to feel vulnerable or express their honest opinions and experiences about the industry. There's something to be said about his cautious demeanor to fully indulge in the riches that come with fame. He isn't here to convince you to like him, he's here to simply create art that represents an artistic extension of his life.

Some say Allan Rayman would've been a perfect fit for the 1990's music scene, I personally think he's simply ahead of his time. He's an artist that loves the music more than the music scene, something the masses don't quite yet appreciate.

Watch one performance, and you will too. Still not convinced, spin his newly released Live album. Who else can release an actual live album?

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